Kerala lottery | Live Kerala lottery results [july 2020]

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Kerala Lottery program is an India’s biggest Lottery Program where you can participate in the lottery program and win price up to 1 Crore assured money. This program is India’s first Lottery Program Started in 1967 By Kerala Government After Banning Private Lottery Programs. It’s a fully independent lottery program where every type of person can participate. In Kerala lottery program Minor And Adults Both are participating.

Games in kerala lottery weekly program

This program has weekly lottery results, which you can see on this page. Here are a total of 7 weekly lottery hunts. Its ticket price and distribution of prize are very different.

Kerala lottery results

Program Name or Draw Name Weekend Day Results
Pournami Sunday Check
Win-win Monday Check
Sthree Sakthi Tuesday Check
Akshaya Wednesday Check
Karunya plus Thursday Check
Nirmal Friday Check
Karunya Saturday Check

Kerala Lottery Result – Pournami

So, pournami is the first lottery program of the week in the Kerala lottery program which is held every Sunday from 3 to 4 PM. In Kerala lottery program, every lottery has its own code to identify the lottery card and the lottery number.

Pournami lottery is represented by the code ‘RN’ followed by the lottery number.

There are a total of 8 prizes you can win in pournami lottery program where the biggest prize is 80 lakh and least prize is 100 rs. You can check Kerala lottery result today daily from our website. Just click on the navigation menu and select your choice.

Our Kerala lottery results are updated daily with accurate and superfast information. Visit us daily for instant updates.

Kerala Lottery Result – Win Win

Win Win comes after the Pornami lottery in the Kerala lottery program which is organized on every Monday at 3 PM.

Win Win lottery is identified by the lottery code ‘W’ with the lottery number in front of it.

Win Win has also a total of 8 prizes and the highest prize that you can win is 75 lakh rs and least can be 100 rs.

Kerala lottery result today of win win lottery is updated on a daily basis on our website. You can click on the Win WIn option from the navigation menu and check the result.

Kerala Lottery Result – Sthree Sakthi

Sthree Sakthi is the third lottery in Kerala lottery program which is held on every Tuesday at 3 PM. It is represented by the lottery code ‘SS’ which are the initials of lottery name.

The lottery has a huge amount of prizes with the first prize of 75 lakh rs and the last prize of 100 rs which is better than nothing.

We update the Kerala lottery sthree Sakthi today result on a daily basis, so don’t forget to check it.

Kerala Lottery Result – Akshaya

Akshaya has slightly low amount of first prize as compared to other lottery programs. It is the fourth lottery program in Kerala lottery and held every Wednesday at 3 PM.

Kerala lottery Akshaya is represented by the code ‘AK’ followed by the lottery number.

The lucky one fellow can win the first prize of 60 lakh. It has a further total of 7 prizes ending with the lowest prize of 100 rs.

You might be wondering how I can win Kerala lottery program, simply you can if your luck is too close to yours.

Kerala Lottery Result – Karunya Plus

Karunya Plus is a little bit different than other lottery programs because it has only 7 number of prizes.

Karunya Plus is one of the most favourites of the people in Kerala lottery program as it has 80 lakh of first prize. It is represented by the lottery code ‘KN’ and held every Thursday at 3 PM.

If you are thinking about how Kerala lottery winning numbers are calculated, then stop thinking it, as these winning numbers are randomly generated or randomly handpicked by the team.

So, winning any of Kerala lottery is totally depends on the luck.

Kerala Lottery Result – Nirmal

Nirmal is also same as Karunya Plus as it comes with only 7 prizes, though, the prize structure is a little bit different than it.

Nirmal lottery is held every Friday at 3 PM in the Kerala lottery program and represented by the code ‘NR’.

The highest prize that you can win is 70 lakh rs and the lowest can be 100 rs. Though, I like the prize structure as a lower number of prizes are distributed in multiple numbers of winners.

Check the Kerala lottery result today on our site from the Nirmal section at top of the page.

Kerala Lottery Result – Karunya

Don’t be confused between Karunya and Karunya Plus as both are different and held separately. Karunya is the last lottery in Kerala lottery program which is held on every Saturday at 3 PM.

It comes with 8 prizes as usual, with the maximum prize of 80 lakh rs and minimum of 100 rs.

It has the lottery code ‘KR’ which comes with the lottery number.

Ticket price of Karunya lottery is a little bit more than other lottery tickets. But, never mind, it only cost you 50 rs per ticket, hehe!!


Life happens to be good for some and not good enough for some. people have faith in their fortune and luck , so they buy kerala lotteries in order to win huge amount of money . buying a lottery may turn out to be a changing point in someone’s life when fortune favours someone . some people buy the Kerala lottery but they are not able to win , since the prizes are limited, everyone can’t win the lottery. it all depends on your luck that day whether buying a lottery and spending some money on it turns out to be good for you or not.So please stay tuned with kerala lottery and play.

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