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Kerala Lottery Result Today 2020

Karunya Lottery

Karunya is one of seven lotteries that are conducted in Kerala every day of the week. Karunya lottery is carried on every Saturday at 4.30 Pm.

Every lottery ticket is expressed by the lottery code and for Karunya, it is ‘KR’. Along with this, every lottery is represented by the alphabetical code and the lottery draw number.

Kerala lottery Karunya costs Rs 5only(including GST) and every slot approximately contains 1lakh+ lotteries that are published by Kerala government every week.

The prizes are huge and total there are 9 prizes including consolation prize. As per rules and regulations, 10% of prize money goes to the agent who sells the winning ticket.

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Kerala lotteries Karunya prizes

NoPrizePrize Amount
11st Prize80,00,000
22nd Prize50,00,000
33rd Prize1,00,000
44th Prize50,000
55th Prize2,000
66th Prize1000
77th Prize500
88th Prize100

Kerala lotteries karunya draw results

DateLottery result list
26-07-2020Karunya KR-456
25-07-2020Karunya KR-458

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